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nymphaeum in domus flavia
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Roman Forum: Nymphaeum in Domus Flavia built during the time of Domitian

Overlooking the Roman Forum is the Palatine Hill, an area awash with magnificent pine trees and the impressive ruins of aristocratic houses. It is the most symbolic of Rome's seven hills and a delightful place for a quiet stroll away from the noise of the city. Palatine can be divided into three sections. The first includes the ruins from the imperial residences, particularly that of the Flavian emperor Domitian (AD 81-96), which is divided into two sections: a private area (Domus Augustana) and the public, or ceremonial part (Domus Flavia). Domus Flavia was the center of official imperial activity. Although the buildings have been razed to the ground, it is still possible to envisage them. Two nymphaea flanked the Triclinium, the dining room, to the right and left. This photo is of the right which is well preserved.

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